CT State Employee COVID-19 testing-or-vaccination Executive order

We are advising members to comply with the order:

  • If you submitted records indicating you are fully vaccinated, you are all set.
  • If you submitted records indicating you have had the first dose of a two dose regimen, you must submit proof of second dose no later than 3 days after the second dose is due (generally 21 days after the first dose).
    • in the interim period you do not need to submit test results
    • however, if you do not provide proof of second dose within 3 days of when it is, due, you must at that point submit weekly test results.
  • If you submitted test results, you must continue to submit test results weekly.
  • If you have not complied with the order, we advise that you do so.  Despite this apparent respite, those who fail to comply risk separation from state service; action can be taken against you at any time.  If you receive such notice, contact the union immediately so that we can best represent your interests.